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hardback or paperback: Mmm, depends on the book and where I'm reading? At home it's either-or, but if I'm traveling, paperback.

Borrow or buy: Borrow! Libraries are amazing. I buy after I've borrowed if it's exceptional and I want it in my life always.

fantasy or sci-fi: Sci-fi.

love-triangle or love at first sight: Triangle, if we must.

Wall shelves or bookcases: Both?

Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters: Define "bad character," plz. Inconsistent or simplistic characters won't take me very far no matter what happens, but I've definitely enjoyed some antiheroes lately.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Well, I've read HP over and over again and watch his movies whenever they're on cable, and Percy I quit halfway through his second series.

Booklr or Bookstagram: Goodreads. (also this journal?)

Contemporaries or Fantasy: Contemporaries.

English books or books in your native language: Yes?

Buy in a bookshop or buy online: It depends. If I'm in a bookshop, I buy something. If I must have to have a book, I go online.

amazon or book depository: Amazon.

buy because of the cover or because of the description: Both can affect me, but description is weighted more.

Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated: Neither, shelve by topic/genre.

wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released: I find it really annoying to finish a book and realize it's the first of a series. So I guess wait to marathon, or at least to marathon a few.

movie or tv adaptations: It depends?

zombies or vampires: Zombies, if we must (I just read this steampunk thing with zombies in 1880's seattle that was super fun).

Reading indoors or outdoors: Indoors

coffee or tea: tea

bookmarks or random objects to mark your page: Ereaders remember where you are. But random objects if it's a physical book.
dog-earing or bookmarks: bookmarks

Be your favourite character or be their best friend: Nah, thanks.

physical or e-book: Ebook for novels, physical for reference, audio for nonfiction.

Read in bed or on a chair: Yes, please.

audiobook or ebook: Both - audio is good for nonfiction that I'd otherwise never pick up, because it's just going in my car, or for rereading. Ebook is great for tearing through novels. Audio does depend HEAVILY on having an excellent reader.

series or stand-alones: Stand-alone.

Reading in the winter or reading in the summer: Both! How is this even a question?
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Woot. New space.
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So last week there was the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter. I had given up on seeing any continuation of the world of Neptune High and its denizens and environs, and so it was surprising and hugely exciting. Here was the chance of making Veronica Mars a movie, and I could help make it happen! I could get the amazing Kristen Bell a movie role that wasn't sidekicky or a bad rom-com. Plus, it was pitched as Veronica's 10 year high school reunion, and if there's a unrecognized movie genre I love, it's the high school reunion movie.

Heady stuff, that was. Apparently not just for me, as the project was fully funded at 2 million dollars in less than a day.

And that was one thing. The week before I had pledged to a $7500 movie project that didn't make its goal. My brother's friend had a movie he wanted to make, and they're still trying to, but on the even cheaper than they'd originally planned. I threw some non-Kickstarter money at them too, partially as a gift to my brother, but mostly because I think you shouldn't have to be a big deal to make cool stuff.

My favorite podcast (NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour) talked this week about what the Veronica Mars kickstarter was a harbinger of, and what this means going forward. Panelist Linda (who I usually agree with on many many things) talked about her concerns regarding an interview with Rob Thomas where he said there were multiple avenues he had considered but he was going with what the fans wanted. And while I see the issue with that, I think there are similar issues in the system as-is. Yes, the Neptune High reunion movie will probably give the fans what they want more than a different tack would, but I expect that a studio would ask for that kind of crowd-pleasing route had this been funded more traditionally.

I keep wondering what if this had happened with a different fandom. Specifically, I wondered if Serenity would have been the movie it is had it been backed by fans. There are issues with the kickstarter process, starting with artistic freedom and ending with the fact that Warner Bros is going to make some serious money off a film partially funded by fan donations.

But mostly I wonder how big a deal you have to be to make kickstarter work for you. I watched Amanda Palmer's TED talk about asking for help and letting people pay for what they love, and that obviously works for her, but it didn't quite for my brother's friend. Other people are making it work for different things. I bought a live tour cd whose tour had been kickstarter-funded, even though I didn't know the artist when that happened. I'll happily watch Hannah Hart's video tour when it kicks off next month, and again that funding drive happened outside my awareness. (That's another fun YouTube channel - she does a comedy cooking show called "My Drunk Kitchen.")

And meanwhile, I'm supporting the things I love and respect when I can. Whether it's giving to a weird YouTube channel about natural history, taxidermy, and animal dissection (the Brain Scoop) or supporting the creation of a DVD set so that the people who made Lizzie Bennet can get paid, which they kind of didn't when actually filming (this was the appeal that worked on me - I am always an advocate of people doing work that I admire being paid a living wage for that work),

(Another side note: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is coming to an end. Darcy and Lizzie got together in yesterday's video, and I have watched it about ten times. It's so ridiculously good.)

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I have a complicated relationship with my sofa. My corner of it is literally my favorite place to be, but it keeps trying to make my life difficult.

If it were up to my sofa, for example, I would never have done the half-marathon in the fall. I think it's still annoyed I spent so much time away from it training.

One of the things my sofa does is eat things that fall between its cushions. This is exceedingly frustrating when I'm using those things. Today it was my iPod. Things that fall beneath the seat get pulled out no problem, but when things get stuck inside the wooden box in the arm, I might never see them again. Sometimes getting things out means upending the whole sofa.

Thankfully, tonight all I needed was a coat hanger, which took the trip to AL and back. I've been not taking it back to my closet for reasons unknown, and today it came in handy.

The iPod, which I had just synced with new episodes of favorite podcasts, was recovered. I also turned up a knitting needle that may have been missing for four years, various hair ties, and three colored pens obviously lost while grading (they were all uncapped: green, pink, and orange).

I find this a somewhat accurate portrait of my life, and think it must only mean that my sofa is trying to make a nice place for me for the inevitable day that I get lost in its innards.

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I have noticed over the past couple of days, people on facebook and ravelry - they quote The Office, and then tell me they're quoting The Office. Which is a very funny show with some good quotable lines. I do like the show, I do get the reference, often.

My problem is that I can't tell if they're being ironic in being like Michael Scott.

Picross DS

Jun. 10th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Well, hm. DS battery is forcing me to do something besides play. So here's a video game review. I know it's an aberration. Noted.

The interface is really fine, easy to get around in. There are hints available, but I've been eschewing them, so I have no clue how they are - though the tutorial thing at the beginning seems to make them look like just the same kind of "here's a starting point" thing as any person would begin with anyway.

The puzzles are timed. This kind of bugs me to begin with, since I'm a solver's point fan (plus, the first thing I lose when rushed is accuracy - in arithmetic and everything else). The real problem I had getting started is that (in normal mode) a misplaced fill-in gets you a time-penalty, and then you know something you didn't before. I want to say successive errors get larger penalties, but I wasn't paying that much attention. (Seriously, I was in a PBN-obsessive time warp last night. Must... Fill... Squares...) The other thing is that the dark squares are what counts, if you don't get all the light-square x's filled in, no big. I am sometimes tempted to skimp on the x's to make up time, but that tends to slow me down eventually because I can't see what's next, especially as the puzzles get harder. It's a little strange. Happily, there is a no-penalty error-blind mode as well. I expect after I finish all the "Normal Mode" puzzles I'll spend plenty of time and energy in the "Free" mode.

My next issue - the biggest puzzle so far as I can see is only 15x15. But still, that's too big for the little DS screen, so there's some zoom-in-zoom-out action that happens while that's going on. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but the picture detail is limited by that, which is disappointing. However, for such small puzzles, the difficulty seems good and varied, definitely not too many super-easy ones. I am pleased.

This is the first game I've bought for myself in a long while. I think this one will hold my attention for a good long time. Not perhaps as long as the fabulous defunct PBN website did, but it'll do.
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Last night I could see my tree and the snow at the same time, so I figured I'd take a picture.
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So rather than actually buying a digital camera myself, or borrowing my mom's, or something sensible like that, 26 months after finishing the afghan based on my userpic, here's an actual post of an actual picture of the actual afghan.

Because I had to marry a guy who had a digital camera in order to have use of one available enough that when I thought "hey, let's get a picture of that" I could. Silly me.

So there it is: SOLS(10). I finished it on January 30, 2005, here's a picture finally.

Explanation of the math behind it. )

Details about the crafting )

And so if you ever wondered what my default userpic was all about, there it is. :)
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It's a Thick Book is a documentary about the AL Constitution. Apparently the whole film will be available online sometime, but meanwhile the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform will be having screenings around the state throughout the month.

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So sometime when I was in high school, I had a freakout when I realized that the people on Sesame Street were actors. Yeah. I was a mess, and obviously had some weird naivete that went away. It's not like I didn't know the Muppets were puppets, but it really messed me up that the guy playing Gordon wasn't actually a guy named Gordon. Maria wasn't really Maria, and Susan wasn't Susan. I had a real problem getting my head around that. Thankfully, Bob was really Bob.

I thought I was over it. I'm not. I'm reading Roscoe Orman's memoir, Sesame Street Dad. Roscoe is the man I've known as Gordon as long as I can remember. I'm three or four chapters into this book. He's a fascinating real person, he was involved in a theater troupe that traveled the South during the Civil Rights Movement, and was a player in an experimental theater company in Harlem in the late 60s and early 70s. He's pretty cool, even if he's not Gordon yet. But....

He's not perfect. So I'm wandering around the house, stunned, and trying to deal with the facts that Gordon stole another man's wife and smoked marijuana.

Surely we'll get to Sesame Street soon?

Go Colts!

Feb. 4th, 2007 11:42 pm
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So the Colts won the Super Bowl.  And local news showed all the people congregating in Monument Circle downtown.  My first reaction:  Where's the toilet paper? 

Seriously.  It's the only way to celebrate! 
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Doc and Marty went forward in time from their 1985 to 2015 to make sure Marty Jr. didn't go to jail.  Biff went back from 2015 to 1955 to give himself the sports almanac, creating a 1985 where Doc never created the time machine, thus negating his ability to give himself the sports almanac. 

This bothers me.  I feel like somehow finding this paradoxical cheapens the whole Back to the Future franchise for me. 

And I really like it when I splurge on non-diet microwave popcorn. 
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Currently listening to Blues Traveler sing a Christmas song, it followed a Cyndi Lauper Christmas song.  I had to tell it I didn't appreciate "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk this Christmas)", but Alabama singing that they still believe in Santa Claus made me cry in a good way. 

I need to buy more wrapping paper.   

Oh, happy!

Dec. 4th, 2006 01:28 pm
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I want a kitty. But this will do for now. It makes me laugh.
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Final wordcount when I validated? Fifty thousand and seven words. It's done. Stories are complete. Not good, by any means, but resolved. Now I really want to go back and edit. Tear the thing up and put it back together to make it into something actually readable. But right now I really just want a shower and a nap and to catch up on crap like the fact that Britney Spears should wear panties and Meg Cabot had a book come out this week and the reason that Unaccompanied Minors movie looks good is that it's directed by the Freaks and Geeks guy. Not Apatow, the other one, Paul Feig. I need to read his books too. I also have a Marian Keyes book out from the library that's on the floor somewhere. And I should mop the kitchen. And get off the couch. And break this ctrl-S ctrl-period habit.

Excuse me. I'll return when my brain gets tired of the test pattern. But right now, w00T!

ETA: WHY did no one inform me of Billy Idol's New Christmas Album? Go to the link and watch the Jingle Bell Rock video. So. Wrong.
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Veronica Mars tonight features a fraternity party with a Neil Diamond impersonator as the band.

ETA: The band is the Diamond Smugglers. They have recordings on their website


Nov. 13th, 2006 10:57 am
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I got pretty schnockered last night on pink wine with a twist-off cap. I'm a little embarrassed this morning about it, but I'll get over it. Luckily, I have a NaNo character hopped up on Lortab after an accident eerily like the one I had about five years ago now, so she was able to talk some while Chris was watching Metalocalypse. Which was better than having me livejournal while drunk. So yay for that purpose for NaNoWriMo.

Here's a couple happy things: a Fanboys trailer. This may be the only movie that can get me inside a theater anytime soon.

And someone compiled Veronica and Logan's best moments (or LoVe moments) from the first two seasons and put them to music on YouTube. Thank you, whoever did that.

The heater repair guy was going to be coming at freakishly early this morning. He showed up around 9:30, which is not the 7 am Chris had gotten up for. He turned the heat off, and left. He has yet to return. Chris went on to work, so I'm manning the house. This is a little bizarre. Perhaps he's getting back at us for calling him three times in 12 hours yesterday. We really just want it fixed. A nonfunctional thermostat is bad, mmkay? Especially as now I'm getting kind of cold.

Okay. I get to watch last week's Grey's Anatomy once I get to 20k words.
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Shameless plug: I love my Pumie Heavy Duty Scouring Stick. Mine's more a scouring nubbin right now, but that's ok, I'll show you why...

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Oct. 7th, 2006 04:56 pm
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Miss me?

Did you watch my kid brother on tv? I missed it, but thanks to, I can watch him over and over again! Watch this week's Six Degrees (10/5), and he's right around the 2 minute mark, crossing the street with Bridget Moynahan and her fiance.

And because I love you all so much, I'm not even going to make you do that.

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I'm sure I'll update more later with more pictures from my parents and husband (that word still freaks me out) from the past week.

But I have to drive to Indiana first. See y'all later!
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