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hardback or paperback: Mmm, depends on the book and where I'm reading? At home it's either-or, but if I'm traveling, paperback.

Borrow or buy: Borrow! Libraries are amazing. I buy after I've borrowed if it's exceptional and I want it in my life always.

fantasy or sci-fi: Sci-fi.

love-triangle or love at first sight: Triangle, if we must.

Wall shelves or bookcases: Both?

Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters: Define "bad character," plz. Inconsistent or simplistic characters won't take me very far no matter what happens, but I've definitely enjoyed some antiheroes lately.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Well, I've read HP over and over again and watch his movies whenever they're on cable, and Percy I quit halfway through his second series.

Booklr or Bookstagram: Goodreads. (also this journal?)

Contemporaries or Fantasy: Contemporaries.

English books or books in your native language: Yes?

Buy in a bookshop or buy online: It depends. If I'm in a bookshop, I buy something. If I must have to have a book, I go online.

amazon or book depository: Amazon.

buy because of the cover or because of the description: Both can affect me, but description is weighted more.

Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated: Neither, shelve by topic/genre.

wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released: I find it really annoying to finish a book and realize it's the first of a series. So I guess wait to marathon, or at least to marathon a few.

movie or tv adaptations: It depends?

zombies or vampires: Zombies, if we must (I just read this steampunk thing with zombies in 1880's seattle that was super fun).

Reading indoors or outdoors: Indoors

coffee or tea: tea

bookmarks or random objects to mark your page: Ereaders remember where you are. But random objects if it's a physical book.
dog-earing or bookmarks: bookmarks

Be your favourite character or be their best friend: Nah, thanks.

physical or e-book: Ebook for novels, physical for reference, audio for nonfiction.

Read in bed or on a chair: Yes, please.

audiobook or ebook: Both - audio is good for nonfiction that I'd otherwise never pick up, because it's just going in my car, or for rereading. Ebook is great for tearing through novels. Audio does depend HEAVILY on having an excellent reader.

series or stand-alones: Stand-alone.

Reading in the winter or reading in the summer: Both! How is this even a question?
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Because it's summer by any yardstick not related to a solstice (I just heard the ice cream truck, it is so summmer), two faboo fluff novels for y'all today, great for beach reading. Not that I'm going to a beach anytime soon. Also great for reading on long car trips, these two made both laps of our Indy 500 fly this weekend:

Don't Look Down )

Queen of Babble )
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Okay, so I went a-traveling this weekend, and to me, long, boring plane flights mean perfect reading time.

However, I had nothing to read upon leaving Birmingham. That's fine, 40 minutes to Memphis and I was too exhausted to think on the 7am flight anyway. But that meant I was a prime target when I got there, hungry, cranky, and having had only 3 hours of sleep the night before. And I had two hours worth of layover. So I gave in and wandered to the bookstore. Three airplanes, one wedding, and two books later, I'm home.

CandyFreak )

Something Borrowed )

And how is it that I never think to look for Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation till I'm in an airport bookstore?


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